Blake Shelton and Smithworks create vodka with ties to Okla., Ark., Kan. and Mo.

OKLAHOMA — Country music star Blake Shelton, a native of Ada, and Smithworks Vodka have released a new spirit made with corn from Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, and water from Lake Fort Smith in Arkansas.

Smithworks is distilled three times and charcoal filtered for a smooth taste and clean finish. Smithworks is finished and bottled with pride in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and named after the dedicated team there and their hardworking values are symbolized through the tractor icon. Born and bred in the traditions and values of America’s Heartland, Smithworks embodies the values of the place in which it comes from – local pride, simplicity and hard work.

The debut of Smithworks is also coupled with the excitement of officially raising a glass with an essential member of the Smithworks family: award-winning country music star and fellow Heartland native, Shelton.

“I grew up in Ada, Oklahoma and was raised on the values of hard work, humility and an appreciation for the simple things that make up a good life,” Shelton said. “As part of the Smithworks family, I’ve been involved in the development of the brand and I’m excited for everyone to finally taste what we’ve been crafting. At its core, Smithworks celebrates that moments in life are better spent with good people and great drinks.”

Image courtesy of Smithworks/PR Newswire

Source: PR Newswire

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